Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 1 No. 2, 1987

Film, TV and the Popular

Edited by Philip Bell & Kari Hanet


Tom O'Regan, Editorial

Philip Bell, Introduction

Mary Ann Doane, Remembering Women

Dana Polan, Film Theory Re-assessed

Stuart Cunningham & Ross Harley, Scandal to the Jews, Folly to the Pagans

Gay McAuley, On Comparing Film & Theatre

John Fiske, TV: Re-situating the Popular in the People

Tim Rowse, Reply to John Fiske

Mary Ellen Brown & Linda Barwick, Soap Opera & Women's Culture

John Docker, In Defence of Popular TV

Hart Cohen, The Nightmare that Haunts the Frankfurt School

Sally Stockbridge, Music Video: Performance, Pleasure & Address

Robart Pahlavi Bowie, Rock Video 'According' to Frederic Jameson


Philip Bell, Communications and the Media

Humphrey McQueen, The Old Dead Tree & the Young Tree Green

Keyan Tomaselli, Culture & Communication

Notes on Contributors

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