Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 1 No. 2, 1987
Film, TV and the Popular
Edited by Philip Bell & Kari Hanet


Tom O'Regan

Welcome to the second issue of Continuum: Film, TV & the Popular. The issue collects together a number of the papers given at the December 1986 Australian Screen Studies Association Conference. It is edited by two of the conference organisers Philip Bell and Kari Hanet.

Our first two issues have come out later than we had hoped. The first issue was dogged by problems at the printers (it was with the printers for three months). Amidst all this we had to learn desk-top publishing from scratch! After the teething problems of 1987, 1988 should see us running on time with two issues per calendar year. Manic Exposeur in Melbourne (PO Box 39, World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 3005) have agreed to be our distributors, whilst we continue to handle subscriptions. Indeed 1988 will see a significant addition to our range of activities as we are bringing out the first of a series of books related to cinema and TV in March (see the advertisement in this issue). The book, written by Ian Douglas, is a philosophical treatment of film and meaning. Manic Exposeur will be handling the distribution of this book in Australian bookshops.

Finally a couple of apologies are necessary. First to Sam Rohdie who sent us a reworked version of his review of National Fictions which did not arrive for us to publish; and second to Graeme Turner who would have preferred the more closely argued review.

Continuum is a media journal with a screen studies inflection. The word media is chosen to reflect an interest not only in film and TV but also in closely related media such as radio and the visual arts. As editors of an Australian media journal we propose to concentrate upon those things which can best be done from Australia. We are thus interested in making an effective contribution to: the study of the history and practice of film, TV and visual culture in Australasia, Asia and Oceania; the development of film and media theory; and to the exploration of connections between different media - particularly film, TV, theatre and the visual arts. Additionally we will be trying to represent the state of media and cultural studies scholarship in Australia.

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