Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 2, No. 1, 1987

Asian Cinema

Edited by Brian Shoesmith & Tom O'Regan


It is to be regretted that only four of the articles in this issue are available. The reason is that no digital files were kept and so pieces had to be scanned: but the print quality of the issue is so poor that the game is not worth the candle, and the enterprise has been temporarily abandoned. 2 April 1996. Garry Gillard.

Vijay Mishra, Filmic narrative: text and transformation in Bombay Cinema

Brian Shoesmith, Swadeshi cinema: the writings of D. G. Phalke

D. G. Phalke, Dossier: Swadeshi moving pictures

Brian Shoesmith, The problems of film: reassessing the 1927/28 inquiry

R. S. Newman, Talking about Hindi films

Chris Berry, Market forces

Dossier on Chinese film discourse, translated by Chris Berry

Gina Marchetti, Two from China's Fifth Generation

Australian Media

Tom O'Regan, Towards a high communication policy: assessing recent changes within Australian broadcasting

Stuart Cunningham, To go back and beyond

Vijay Mishra, Aboriginal representations in Australian texts


Chris Berry, Chinese Cinema

Tom O'Regan, Cultural futures: For a Cultural Future

Brian Shoesmith, The hidden abode: The Factory Floor

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