Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 2, No. 2, 1989

Performance Theory Australia

Edited by Brian Shoesmith & Tom O'Regan


Brian Shoesmith & Tom O'Regan, Introduction


David Birch, Re-orienting Semiotics: Performance, Philosophy and Theory, 7-25

Nicholas Zurbrugg, Sound Art, Radio Art and Post-Radio Performance in Australia, 26-49

John Richardson, The Radio Broadcasts of Irene Greenwood, 50-76

Theory Re-viewed

Jan Bruck and John Docker, Puritanic Relationalism: John Berger's Ways of Seeing and Media and Culture Studies, 77-95

Alicija Helman, The Film Viewer: An Unknown Entity, 96-115

Zoe Sofia, Masculine Excess and the Metaphorics of Vision: Some Problems in Feminist Film Theory, 116-128

Australian Media

Stephen Crofts, Re-Imaging Australia: Crocodile Dundee Overseas, 129-142

Sandra Taylor, Days of Their Lives?: Popular Culture, Femininity and Education, 143

Review Article

Steven Maras, Baudrillard & Deleuze: Re-viewing The Postmodern Scene, 163


Alec McHoul, Missing in Action, 192

John Richardson, The Unseen Voice, 195

David McKie, Television Culture, 198

Gary Wickham, Intellectual Movements in Australia, 204

Notes on Contributors

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