Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 3, No. 2, 1990

Communication and Tradition: Essays after Eric Michaels

Edited by Tom O'Regan


Editor's preface

General perspectives

Eric Michaels, 'A model of teleported texts'

Jay Ruby, 'The belly of the beast: Eric Michaels and the anthropology of visual communication'

Tom O'Regan, 'TV as cultural technology: the work of Eric Michaels'

Alec McHoul, 'The styles of Eric Michaels: a rhetorical analysis'

Ron Burnett, 'The eyes don't have it: video images and ethnography'

Keyan Tomaselli & Jeanne Prinsloo, 'Video, realism and class struggle: theoretical lacunae and the problem of power'

Aboriginal issues

Deborah Bird Rose, 'A distant constellation'

Tim Rowse, 'Enlisting the Warlpiri'

Robert Hodge, 'Aboriginal truth and white media: Eric Michaels meets the spirit of Aboriginalism'

Eric Michaels Bibliography

Jay Ruby & Tom O'Regan, 'Eric Michaels: a partial guide to his written work'

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