Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 3, No. 2, 1990
Communication and Tradition: Essays after Eric Michaels
Edited by Tom O'Regan

Eric Michaels:
A Partial Guide to His Written Work

Compiled by Jay Ruby and Tom O'Regan with assistance from a CV provided by Eric Michaels

This bibliography although not exhaustive is presented here as a guide for readers seeking to know more of Eric's published work.

Books & Monographs

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Articles Published in Books and Journals

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Unpublished Manuscripts

The following list of Eric Michaels' unpublished work is grossly incomplete. This list is included to give the reader a sense of the scope of the output not published. The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, which holds a large proportion of Eric's unpublished papers, are at the time of writing sorting through and cataloguing these papers with a view to making them available in microfilm or as a monograph volume of essays after 1990.

n.d. "Definitions of Terms for Anthropological Research on Television Viewing".

n.d. "Through Aboriginal Eyes". A Proposal for a special feature presenting Aboriginal initiatives on television production and transmission in Outback Australia". Submitted to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. See Michaels, "Hundreds Shot in Aboriginal Community: ABC Makes TV Documentary at Yuendumu" for description of the outcome of this proposal.

n.d. "The Dialogic Interview: A Reactive Technique", mss. Manuscript in possession of Dr D. Rose, Faculty of History, ANU.

"Odyssey: The First Sighting" and "Requirements for an Anthropological Evaluation of Odyssey." An unfunded proposal, 1978.

"Toward an Anthropology of Television", Lecture Notes, Southwest Educational Development Lab, Austin, Texas, 1979.

"Research Hatfields and Industry McCoys: Stepping Toward a Dialogue", A paper given at the National Workshop on Television and Youth, 1980.

With Charles Corder-Bola, "Community Standards and Broadcast Television: An Ethnographic Case Study", 1980.

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Working Papers in Aboriginal Telecommunications, 1984. Remote Television Project, A.I.A.S., 1983-4.

Working Papers in Aboriginal Telecommunications, 1985. Remote Television Project, A.I.A.S. The following papers apparently were never published:

"A Preliminary Review of the Report of the Aboriginal and Islanders Broadcasting and Communications Task Force Report: Out of the Silent Land."

"Going All the Way Round". Community Television Broadcasting Experimenting in Remote Aboriginal Australia."

"The Life History of an Aboriginal Videotape."

The following essays appeared in a collection of essays Eric Michaels assembled in July 1986 under the title "Aborigines, Information and the Media: the Aboriginal Encounter with Introduced Communications Technology" for consideration by book publishers:
"Aborigines, Information and Media: Introduction"
"Information Management and Disclosure: Warrumungu, the Ruined Ritual"
"Yap: How did you know we want TV?".

"Aboriginal Media History: an Inverted Sequence", paper presented to the 1986 International Television Studies Conference, mss.

Articles, Reviews, Commentaries on Eric Michaels

Eric Willmot, "Aboriginal Broadcasting in Remote Australia", Media Information Australia, n. 43 (1987), pp. 38-40.

"Eric Michaels - Tributes", Filmnews, November 1988, pp. 5 & 15. Tributes from Tim Rowse, Stuart Cunningham, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Patrick Laughren.

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Tom O'Regan, "Cultural Futures", Continuum, v.2, n.1 (1989), pp. 192-197.

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