Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 4, No. 1, 1990

The Media of Publishing

Edited by Albert Moran


Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith, Preface

Albert Moran, Introduction


Denis Cryle, Press Culture and Political Journalism to 1930

Ann Curthoys & John Docker, Popular Romance in the Postmodern Age

'No More Virgins': An Interview with Emma Darcy

Rita Felski, Kitsch, Romance and Male Paranoia

Richard Nile, Cartels, Capitalism and the Australian Booktrade

Glen Lewis, Imperialism and the Australian Tertiary Book Industry

Writing Non-Fiction: An Interview with E.L. Wheelwright

Albert Moran, Inside Publishing: The Environments of the Publishing House

Pay TV

Peter Cook, Steering between Private and State Power

Tim Dwyer, Emerging Policies for Pay TV

Allan Brown, Pay TV for Australia

Stuart Cunningham, Update: Pay TV for Australia, May 1990


Chris Berry, Our Problem Cinema: The Challenge of Japanese Cinema

Chris Berry, Cinemaya

Rod Giblett, Missing Ironies

Alan Mansfield, Cultural Policy Theory and Practice

John de Reuck, Inner Speech and the Filmwork


John Hinkson, Carnivalesque or Left Pessimism?

Keyan Tomaselli, Whatever happened to Struggle Part 2?

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