Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 4, No. 2, 1991
Television and ...
Edited by John Hartley

New editorial structure


Brian Shoesmith has stepped down as co-editor and publisher from this issue. He will remain associated with the journal as Associate Editor. Brian is taking this step owing to pressure of work commitments and special thanks are owed to him; it was principally through his labour that the journal was set up, Australian Film Commission funding was secured, and a workable management structure for the journal was created. Additionally in his time as co-editor Brian made substantial contributions to the scholarly shape of the journal with his co-editing of two issues (he is currently working on a third with Ian Angus). This issue also sees the departure of Charlie McKenzie - production director and designer for the past five issues. Charlie is warmly thanked for significantly upgrading the journal's appearance and design over those issues. Special thanks are also due to Stuart Cunningham and John Hartley who step down as the journal's associate editors from this issue. Throughout these past eight issues our principal funding source has been the Australian Film Commission. We would like to thank the Australian Film Commission for this involvement - and in particular Cathy Robinson.

New Structure

Tom O'Regan remains as general editor for volume 5. Associate editors are Alec McHoul and Brian Shoesmith. Garry Gillard will take up the new position of Managing Editor and will be responsible for the day to day running of the journal, subscriptions and also production management. Susan Hayes will act as editorial assistant. As a consequence of these changes subscriptions will now be handled from the Centre for Research in Culture and Communication at Murdoch University.

Additional changes have also been made to the editorial advisory group to reflect this new direction of the journal and its emerging brief as a journal of media and culture. Over the past few issues it has become clear that the principal editorial advisory work takes place between issue editors and the journal's editorial base. This means that for each issue different groups of people get enlisted to contribute, to referee, to comment, and even to solicit manuscripts. The streamlining of the editorial advisory structure permits this state of affairs to be better recognised - and will create a greater identification in each issue of specific contributions made.

All those who have served on the old structure in whatever capacity are warmly thanked.

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