Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 7, No. 1, 1993

A Dialogue with Harold A. Innis

Edited by Brian Shoesmith & Ian Angus


Ian Angus & Brian Shoesmith, Dependency/space/policy: an introduction to a dialogue with Harold Innis

Ian Angus, Orality in the twilight of humanism: a critique of the communication theory of Harold Innis

Paul Attallah, Richard Collins and his Canadian readers: the further adventures of the decoupling hypothesis

Alison Beale, Harold Innis and Canadian cultural policy in the 1940s

Hart Cohen, Margins at the centre: Innis's concept of bias and the development of Aboriginal media

Leigh Edmonds, How Australians were made airminded

Paul Heyer, Empire, history, and communications viewed from the margins: the legacies of Gordon Childe and Harold Innis

Sut Jhally, Communications and the materialist conception of history: Marx, Innis and Technology

Noel King, What was then, this is now: writing and teaching in the 1990s

Roman Onufrijchuk, Introducing Innis/McLuhan concluding: The Innis in McLuhan's "System"

McKenzie Wark, Lost in space: into the digital image labyrinth


John Corner, Battle culture: review of: James Aulich (ed.), Framing the Falklands' War: Nationhood, Culture and Identity

Barrie McMahon and Robyn Quin, Media matters in South Africa: review of: Jeanne Prinsloo and Costas Criticos (eds.), Media Matters in South Africa

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