Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 7, No. 2, 1994

Screening Cultural Studies

Edited by Tom O'Regan & Toby Miller



Toby Miller, Introducing Screening Cultural Studies: Sister Morpheme (Clark Kent - Superman's Boyfriend)

William D. Routt, Art, popular art

Charmaine McEachern, Bringing the wildman back home: television and the politics of masculinity

Joseph Roach, Material girls: Madonna and Women Beware Women

Rosemary Iwamura, Letter from Japan: from girls who dress up like boys to trussed-up porn stars—some of the contemporary heroines on the Japanese screen

Scott Bukatman, Cut-ups, white noise and cyberblitz in spectacular science fiction

Susan Bye, 'Like a schoolgirl with chocs': Bill Collins and The Golden Years of Hollywood

Lorraine Mortimer, The charm of morality: Frank Capra and his cinema

Kate Gilroy, Essaying two lovers' discourses

Gillian Leahy & Noel King, 'I'd thought for a long time that I'd make an experimental film about romantic love': an interview with Gillian Leahy about My Life Without Steve

Christa Ludlow, The reader investigates: images of crime in the colonial city

Toby Miller, Historical citizenship and the Fremantle Prison Follies: Frederick Wiseman comes to Western Australia

Roy Grundmann, Beyond certainty: new agendas for Left film criticism

Alison Griffiths, Ethnography and popular memory: postmodern configurations of Welsh identities

Tom O'Regan, Two or three things I know about meaning


Sylvia Wang, Sound histories

Horst Ruthrof, Beyond film: Branigan's narrational world

Alec McHoul, Not a stupid as all that: the Althusserian legacy

Claire Colebrook, Nietzsche and feminism: review of Paul Patton ed., Nietzsche, Feminism and Political Theory

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