Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 8, No. 1, 1994

Electronic Arts in Australia

Edited by Nicholas Zurbrugg

I offer a very critical account of technology and of technology's impact on the world. I'm not the only one to do this - everybody speaks of technology in this way. But now having reconsidered technology ... I'm beginning to formulate another hypothesis ... In other words, there's a difference of vision. Let's say that the rather critical or pejorative vision of technology represents a first position.
Now, from a second position, I'm more interested in seeing technology as an instrument of magic ... Up to now I think that technology has been analysed in too realistic a way ... it has been typecast as a medium of alienation and depersonalisation. That's what we've done, and that's what we're continuing to do in analyses of virtual reality - it's possible to continue forever in this sort of direction.
But I sense now that a sort of reversal of focus is taking place ... I'll always continue to offer a radically critical analysis of media and technology - one's obliged to do this. But it's also necessary to identify another sort of analysis - a more subtle form of analysis than that one. - Jean Baudrillard (Paris, 4 June, 1993)


INTRODUCTION: Contemplating Electronic Arts

PETER ANDERSON - Tim Gruchy: Electronic Media Art, Popular Culture and the Experimental Avant-Garde

ARF ARF Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg

ROS BANDT Technology in Australian Sound Installations: Three Recent Approaches

WARREN BURT Installation at Experimenta: Fighting the "So-What" Factor in Electronic Art

WARREN BURT Thoughts on Physicality and Interaction in Current Electronic Music and Art

WARREN BURT Collaborating with Amanda Stewart- Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg

PETER CALLAS Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg

SUSAN CHARLTON - Six Degrees of Freedom: Apres Orlan

HENRI CHOPIN - Concerning Chris Mann

JOHN CONOMOS - Rethinking Australian Video in the Nineties

GRAHAM COULTER SMITH - Exploring the Technological Other: Robyn Stacey and Rosemary Laing

DIRK DE BRUYN Text - Texture - Gesture

LINDA DEMENT - Interviewed by Glenda Nalder

LINDA DEMENT The Tales of Typhoid Mary Strip #4

LYN GALLACHER Of Course: A Grammatical Tech Check

ERIC GIDNEY & TONI ROBERTSON Computer Communications for Visual Designers

JOHN GILLIES Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg

JAMES HARLEY & SHIRALEE SAUL A.I.P.: An Installation Publication

LEIGH HOBBA 'Between the glaze and the surface' - Five Uneasy Fragments

BETH JACKSON - Self-Inscription in the Work of Doppio Teatro, Tracey Moffatt and Linda Dement: An Interpretation of Feminist Use of Technology according to Deleuze's Writings on Masochism

ANNE KIRKER - Bashir Baraki and Pat Hoffie: Extending the Vernacular of Prints

FELONIUS KRANK The Snuff-Jazz Conspiracy

BRIAN LANGER Video Art and the Australian International Video Festival

BRIAN LANGER - Chronology of the Australian International Video Festival

ANNE MARSH Bad Futures: Performing the Obsolete Body

ADRIAN MARTIN Hold Back the Dawn: Notes on the Position of Experimental Film in Australia 1993

ANDREW MCLENNAN A Brief Topography of Australian Sound Art and Experimental Broadcasting

CATHIE PAYNE Visible Spaces, Electronic Records: John Conomos and Tracey Moffatt

SIMON PENNY Working in Electronic Media

TONI ROSS - Portrait of the Artist as Photocopier: Jane Richens

SAM SCHOENBAUM - The Electronic Paws of Jill Scott

JILL SCOTT Paradise Tossed

BILL SEAMAN The Emergence of New Electronic Forms in Australian Art - Rodney Berry. John Colette, Linda Dement, Phillip George, Joyce Hinterding, Jon McCormack, Stelarc, VNS Matrix

ZOE SOFIA Technoscientific Poeisis: Joan Brassil, Joyce Hinterding, Sarah Waterson

STELARC - Interviewed by Martin Thomas: "Just Beaut to Have Three Hands"

URSZULA SZULAKOWSKA - Rose Farrell and George Parkin: Art History and "Primitivism" in Contemporary Australian Performance Photography

DAVID TAFLER - Does the Outback Represent the Centre? Tracing Electronic Art Tracks across Australia

VNS MATRIX AND VIRGINIA BARRATT - Interviewed by Bernadette Flynn

LINDA WALLACE 2000 Thunderstorms: Joyce Hinterding

JOHN WALLER - Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg

LARRY WENDT Sentient Percussion: Ernie Althoff's Music Machines

ADAM WOLTER "So you want to be a computer artist"?

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