Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture
Vol. 8, No. 2, 1994

Critical Multiculturalism

Edited by Tom O'Regan


Tom O'Regan, 'Introducing critical multiculturalism'

Stephen Frost, 'Broinowski versus Passmore: a dialogue of our times'

Koichi Iwabuchi, 'Complicit exoticism: Japan and its other'

Mark Gibson,' A centre of flux: Japan in the Australian business press'

Philip Kitley, 'Fine tuning control: commercial television in Indonesia

Jon Stratton and Ien Ang, 'Multicultural imagined communities: cultural difference and national identity in Australia and the USA'

Dona Kolar-Panov, 'Ethnic cleansing, plastic bags and throw-away people'

Rachel Fensham, '(Post) community arts'

Freda Freiberg, 'Lost in Oz? Jews in the Australian Cinema'

Toby Miller, 'When Australia became modern'

William D. Routt, 'Are you a fish? Are you a snake? an obvious lecture and some notes on The Last Wave

Mitzi Goldman, 'Making jazz: film, poetry and Listen Up'

Stephen Muecke, 'Narrative and intervention in Aboriginal filmmaking and policy'

Mudrooroo Nyoongah, 'Passing for white passing for black: an ideological con-pro-testation'

Michael Meadows, 'Re-claiming a cultural identity: indigenous media production in Australia and Canada'

Duane Varan, 'Television, culture and state: new forums for negotiating identity in the Pacific'

Terry Flew, 'Mongrels and hybrids: theorising Australian television'

Ien Ang, 'Globalisation and culture'

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