Gambling on the First Race
A Comment on Racism and Talk-Back Radio: 6PR, the TAB, and the WA Government

Steve Mickler

Report commissioned and published by The Louis St John Johnson Memorial Trust Fund and Mr Bill Johnson

Research Associates:
Dr John Hartley, Dr Alec McHoul, Dr Alan Mansfield, Dr Tom O'Regan
Edited by John Hartley
Original publication designed by Niall Lucy and Alison Bunbury

Centre for Research in Culture and Communication
Murdoch University, Western Australia 6150
May 1992

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Photograph by Ian Cugley, courtesy The Sunday Times, Perth >

Sattler: Let's take a call. Tony's on the line. Hello Tony.
Caller: Hello Howard.
Sattler: Yes Tony.
Caller: I and thousands of other people are sick to death of whinging Aboriginals ... we're also sick to death of the privileges available to Aboriginals that aren't available to other Australians. 1


Freedom of the Press or Freedom to Oppress?
White Minds, Black Images
Rally for Ratings
Talk-Back Style and Race Stereotypes
Sattler's... 'Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish'
Talk-Back Presenter Power
Exploiting Tragedy
Sattler and Sacred Sites
Media Regulatory Bodies, Codes and Laws
Dumping on Aboriginal People: Jokes and Poems
Humour and Racism
Gagging the Gags?
What's Sauce for the Goose?
Behind The Sattler File
Considerations for Sponsors and Advertisers
Government- Subsidised Racism?

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