Convenor: Alec McHoul

"We spread the net, but we have to see what it catches.
And while there is nothing that it is incapable of catching, there is much that is never actually caught. ...
[P]hilosophy is concerned with what might be called the formal properties of the net."
A.J. Ayer, "Philosophy and Science" in his Metaphysics and Common Sense, London, Macmillan 1969, 82-93, this quotation, p92. Originally published in a Russian translation in Voprosy Filosofii (1962).

The V/I/D site is an electronic edited collection of works on all matters virtual, informational and digital. It began with a workshop at Murdoch University in October 1996 (details below). The site is refereed. All works included here have been through a peer review process and/or have been examined as theses. Please contact the convenor (Alec McHoul) if you have material you would like considered for inclusion on the site.

Virtual/Informational/Digital Workshop 10 October 1996

JF Koh, The Internet Time-line Project

JF Koh, Four Models For Networks

JF Koh, Annotated Bibliography of Internet Research

Catherine Waldby, The Body and the Digital Archive: The Visible Human Project and the Computerisation of Medicine

Catherine Waldby, Circuits of Desire: Internet Erotics and the Problem of Bodily Location

Catherine Waldby, Revenants: The Visible Human Project and the Digital Uncanny

Catherine Waldby, The Visible Human Project: Data into Flesh, Flesh into Data

Alec McHoul & Phil Roe, Hypertext and Reading Cognition

Alec McHoul, Cyberbeing and ~space

Alec McHoul, Technology and Accounting: A Purely Ontic Investigation? (pdf)

Ingrid Richardson & Carly Harper, Corporeal Virtuality: The Impossibility of a Fleshless Ontology

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald & John Gammack, Virtual Tourism and New Media Citizenships

Christy Newman, Repeat-The-Beat: Industries, Genres and Citizenships in Dance Music Magazines (pdf)

Stewart Douglas, So Who's Got Ops? Power, Control & the Undernet Virtual Community

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