Virtual Informational Digital Workshop

One-day workshop exploring cultural, social, economic and political issues in the new hybrid media environments, Thursday 10 October, Murdoch University


First Session

0930 Opening and getting to know each other

1000 Garry Rodan
Electronic Media and Political Control in Singapore

1020 Elaine Tay
Postcolonialism and the Internet

1040 Vanessa Pogorelic
The Past as a Guide to Media Futures

1100 Discussion

1115 Break

Second Session

1130 Hume Winzar
Applications and implications of the Web for marketing

1150 David Utting
The Audience and Interactivity: Pay TV in Australia

1210 Lynne D. Roberts, L.M. Smith & C. Pollock
Social interaction in MOOs: Constraints and opportunities of a text-based virtual environment for interpersonal communication

1220 Discussion

1235 Lunch

Third Session

1330 Jon Stratton
Email Affairs

1350 Jane Feuer and Kathie Ferraro
Staging The Electronic Conference: Issues and Problems

1410 Kathryn Trees and Andrew Turk
Issues in Creating a Multimedia Cultural Information System

1430 Dora Marinova and Brian Peddie
Community Environment Art Design Goes on the Web

1450 Discussion

1510 Break

Fourth Session

1520 Catherine Waldby
Revenants: the Visible Human Project and the Digital Uncanny

1550 Phil Morle

1620 Discussion

1630 Winding Up. Outstanding Matters and Future Directions

1700 Close

New: 8 October, 1996 | Now: 11 May, 2015