About Continuum

Continuum's first issue appeared in 1987. Two issues per volume are published. Over the life of the journal funding has principally come from the The Australian Film Commission. The journal began as a joint initiative between Tom O'Regan at Murdoch University and Brian Shoesmith at Edith Cowan University, Perth. From 1991-5 it was wholly located in the Centre for Research in Culture and Communication at Murdoch University. From mid-1995 it was located in the Department of Media Studies at Edith Cowan University.

The Cultural and Communication Reading Room contains the sixteen issues produced with the editorial involvement of staff at Murdoch University, particularly Tom O'Regan and, to a lesser extent, Alec McHoul and Toby Miller.

Continuum is a thematically based cultural studies journal. The primary focus of the journal is upon screen media; but our understanding of 'media' also includes publishing, broadcasting and public exhibitionary media such as museums and sites. Journal editors are particularly interested in:

(1) the history and practice of screen media in Australasia and Asia;

(2) the connections between such media (particularly between film, TV, publishing, visual arts and exhibitionary sites).

Each issue is devoted to the exploration of a particular cultural site. Sites have included indigenous media, television, Asian cinema, media discourse, film style, publishing, photography, radio, 'Screening Cultural Studies', electronic arts in Australia and 'Critical Multiculturalism'. The journal is committed to articulating the energies, fragmentations, and loose coalitions that attend such cultural sites. The journal promotes an interventionist strategy by announcing areas of work in cultural and screen studies in Australia that need to be covered, and then sets about covering these through its special issues. In this way our aim is to help set the agenda for cultural and screen studies in Australia.

In order to facilitate these objectives the journal has guest editors. General Editors over the life of the journal:

Vol 1:1-4:1 Tom O'Regan and Brian Shoesmith (Co-editors)

Vol 4:2-5:2 Tom O'Regan (Editor)

Vol 6:1-8:2 Tom O'Regan, Alec McHoul, Toby Miller (Editorial Collective)

Vol 9:1 onwards Ian Hutchinson, Alan McKee, David McKie, Hilaire Natt, Michael O'Shaughnessy, Robyn Quin, Brian Shoesmith (Editorial Group)

The new editorial group for Continuum in issue 9:1 Transitions has stated that "initially there will be few changes to the directions the Murdoch editorial collective developed but over time the new group plan to give Continuum a new look and new directions.

New: 14 May, 1996 | Now: 9 May, 2015