Documentary - site links, is a list of links to sites around the world which are dedicated to the genre of documentary. Each link below contains a description of the site/organisation, with a link directly to it. Documentary - site links is part of the Documentary site in the Culture and Communication Reading Room at Murdoch University.


Documentary Box

Documentary Box is a journal devoted to the genre of documentary. It is based in Tokyo and publishes four issues every two years in conjunction with the biennial Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.

Kilima Films

Kilima Films is a showcase for presenting documentary films around the world via the World Wide Web. Kilima was established by a group of documentary filmmakers whose goal is to use the Web to promote documentary making and appreciation of the genre and also to utilise the Web as an alternative medium of presentation.

The Centre for Documentary Studies at Duke University

The Center for Documentary Studies was established at Duke University in 1989. The Center directly supports the work of teachers and researchers, photographers, writers and filmmakers. It also works to bring documentary skills to people of all ages from all walks of life, in classrooms, lecture halls, community workshops and forums.

Documentary Educational Resources (D.E.R., Inc.)

Documentary Educational Resources is invoved in the production and distribution of films and videos in the areas of anthropology/ethnography, sociology and documentary. DER has an extensive archive of documentary productions, which includes the entire series on the Kung San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia by John Marshall, a series of films on the Yanomamo Indians of the Orinoco Region (rainforest) in southern Venezuela, the Alaskan and Netsilik Eskimo (Arctic) series. Other titles focus on life, culture, politics, health, trance & healing, religion, police, gender/women's studies, arts & crafts, music & dance from every continent including Africa, Asia, Europe and Eastern Europe, North & South America, the Caribbean, Melanesia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The American Archives of the Factual Film (AAFF)

The American Archives of the Factual Film (AAFF) is a research center dedicated to the preservation and study of 16mm non-theatrical films. It was founded at the Iowa State University in 1974 and currently houses an extensive collection of business, educational, and documentary productions. Much of the archive contains films which have not been shown in theaters, though some have had theatrical releases as short subjects. Most of the productions were viewed in locations such as state fairs and expos; in clubs, lodges, union halls, and community centers; in corporate board rooms and training rooms; and in school and college classrooms. Some have also appeared on television.

The Australian Documentary Conference

The Australian Documentary Conference is a biennial event which has been held since 1987. It is one of Australia’s largest film conferences, attended by people involved in the film and television industries.


National Library of Australia - Guides to the Screen Studies Collection

This site includes full-text notes from a series of seven programs on documentary presented at the Humanities Research Centre at the Australian National University. The programs were presented between June 30 and July 2 1989 by Bill Nichols, professor and former chairman of the Cinema Department at San Francisco State University, and Julianne Burton, associate professor of literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Canadian Documentary News

Canadian Documentary News is an electronic newsletter which is aimed at people who are involved in the production of documentary programs.

Constructing Reality: Exploring Media Issues in Documentary

This is part of the National Film Board of Canada's site. The Board, which was established in 1939, is a public agency that produces and distributes films and other audiovisual works produced in Canada to the rest of the world.

Video Eyeball - The 70's Documentary

Video Eyeball is a bi-monthly, nationally distributed magazine based in Boston USA. The first issue appeared in Boston video stores in April 1994. It was created to provide information on little known and largely non-theatrical films which are available on video, including documentaries. Part of the site looks at the The 70's Documentary.

Critical Art Ensemble

Critical Art Ensemble is a collective of five artists, each specialising in various areas, which is dedicated to exploring areas od corss-over between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory. This site is chapter 3 of an online text titled "The Electronic Disturbance - Video and Resistance:Against Documentaries".


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