Documentary - selected writings, contains links to full-text writings on the genre of documentary. Documentary - selected writings is part of the documentary site in the Culture and Communication Reading Room at Murdoch University.




Carolyn D. Baker, 'WAYS OF SPEAKING: The Relation of Talk and Discourse on a Documentary Film Site'

Toby Miller, 'Historical citizenship and the Fremantle Prison Follies: Frederick Wiseman comes to Western Australia'

Mitzi Goldman, 'Making jazz: film, poetry and Listen Up'

Brian Shoesmith, Tom O'Regan, Ross Gibson, 'On the back of beyond': an interview with Ross Gibson

Stuart Cunningham, To go back and beyond

Neil McDonald, The Making of "Assault on Salamaua"

Ron Burnett, Lumiere's Revenge (Shoah)

Jane Madsen, "Fortini-Cani" as Marxist Reflection


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