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General Film Information - The Year My Voice Broke

Director - John DUIGAN

Year of Release - 1987

Production Company - Kennedy Miller Productions

Running Time - 105 minutes

Cast and Crew -

Danny Noah Taylor
Freya Loene Carmen
Trevor Ben Mendelsohn
Nils Olsen Graeme Blundell
Anne Olson Lynette Curran
Bruce Embling Malcolm Robertson
Sheila Embling Judi Farr
Bob Leishman Tim Robertson
Jonah Bruce Spence
Tom Alcock Harold Hopkins
Gail Olson Anja Coleby
Alison Kylie Ostara
Barry Kelly Dingwall
Mrs. Beal Dorothy St. Heaps
Gran Olson Colleen Clifford
headmaster Vincent Ball
Mr. Keith Kevin Manser
Lisa Emma Lyle
Lyn Louise Birgan
Miss McCall Mary Regan
Malseed Matthew Ross
Martin Allan Penney
Mrs O'Neil Queenie Ashton
Pierdon Robert Carlton
sergeant Pierce Nick Tate
policeman Gary Dale
Ros Brenda Burcul
Sally Helen Lomas
Tony Michael Kent
Johnny Leigh Biolos
Carol Suzi Dougherty
Director John Duigan
Producer Terry Hayes
Producer Doug Mitchell
Producer George Miller
Associate Producer Barbara Gibbs
Production Co-ordinator Julie Plummer
Production Manager Dixie Betts
Unit Manager Hugh Johnston
Assistant Director Charles Rotherham
Assistant Director Tom Blacket
Assistant Director Peter Voeten
Casting Alison Barrett
Extras Casting Christine Woodruff
Script John Duigan
Photography Geoff Burton
Gaffer Ian Plummer
Editor Neil Thompson
Production Designer Roger Ford
Set Decorator Alethea Deane
Wardrobe co-ordinator Lyn Askew
Wardrobe co-ordinator Fiona Nicolls
Makeup artist Sherry Hubbard
Titles Optical & Graphic
Opticals Roger Cowland
Music co-ordinator Christine Woodruff
Sound Recording Ross Linton
Dialogue Editor Karin Whittington
Stunt co-ordinator Guy Norris


































Filmed on location at - Braidwood, NSW, Australia

Distribution - Palace Pictures

Releases - United States and Australia, 17 October 1987.

At the box office - United States: $213,901. Australia: unable to locate

Awards -

1987 AFI Awards for: Best Film
  Best Director
  Original Screenplay
  Best Supporting Actor
  Members Prize
1987 AFI Nominations for: Best Achievement in Editing
  Best Actor in a lead role
  Best Actress in a lead role


This information has been compiled by David Thomas for H231, Australian Cinema at Murdoch University, Western Australia.

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