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Romeo and Juliet... Beer... Brown birds...Postcards ...and sex. It was the very best times of their lives. They just didn't know it yet.

It's not easy being a teenager especially when falling in Love is concerned. Dan is set to find this out the hard way. After his parents go on a year trip to Geneva he has to make a choice; go with them, board at his school or move in with his uni student, bass playing young aunt Jacqui. He chooses the latter and his rollercoaster ride beings.

Now in his last year of school and trying to focus on his exams his entire world is turned upside down when he falls in love with Jacqui’s flatmate Naomi. As Dan fumbles through the process of forming a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, he also learns about making pesto, interpreting the fish tank scene from Romeo and Juliet, why almost all birds are one of the 48 shades of brown, and why his best course of action is just to be himself.

Based on the award winning novel by Nick Earls, 48 Shades of Brown, Is a beautifully simple coming of age comedy that takes you back to the days when what you wanted to be was more important than who you are.



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