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Critical Review


The film boytown is a comedy about a group of middle aged men who back in the eighties were a world wide smash hit boy band. After some problems with members the group split up. Now ten years later the group decide to get back together and we follow there journey and hardships of getting back to the top and getting boytown back on the music scene map. The film is shot in two styles and crosses between a musical mockumentary to a comedy.


The story of 5 men in there late 30's trying to win back there fans hearts by reviving the band boytown which was huge in the eighties. Featuring a big cast from Australian film and television and written and directed by the same guys who did Crackerjack you know your in for some laughs.

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My Commentary

For me overall i would rate the film about a 3 out of 5 as overall i just didnt find it funny enough. Most of the laughs come from a few single lines of dialogue or from actually listening to the lyrics of some of there songs such as tough titties and special time of the month. The acting level overall was of very high quality and the cinematography was also done fairly well expect when switching to handy cam as it then changed the whole mood and direction of the film.

For an Australian film however i believe this film has done very well to promote us and coming in 6th highest in Australian films released in 2006 its very clear to say that you know it has done very well taking just over 3 million at the box office.

The soundtrack for this is what did it for me overall with some absolute pearlers for songs and lyrics and the fact that because its coming from 5 middle aged men just adds to the hilarity.

Critical Uptake

The film was released at the start of October 2006 however had a very big task of trying to compete with essentially the other 5 movies that topped this during that year. There is no way it would have ever outclassed happy feet simply due to the budget that it had and the fact that it was released world wide. The other Aussie film that surprised me was Kenny which also cleaned up more then Boytown however from 3rd to 6th there really wasnt much difference for me in takings in terms of serious amount of money taking between the remaining. All though i would say it was a good year as a whole for Australian films. If you go to some of the other links posted you will also see reviews on what people thought as well as what the Australian film commision had to say about this film.