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On the horizon

For the Australian film overall i can see it just continuing to grow and also now having its work more and more realised by the overseas market. Take for example Happy Feet which took 11 million world wide and was also recognised at the academy awards. However as far as the director of this film and his films i dont think will ever go world wide but i think the future and upcoming directors, cinematographers as well as writers will start to put Australia more on the map for our feature films.

I also believe however that Australian films dont get enough advertising and coming form someone who has worked for greater union for 7 years i have hardly heard of the majority of the Australian films and whats even more sad is that they dont get advertised very well. The odd advertisement in the paper isnt enough and i believe if they were to be advertised at cinemas with trailers and posters it would help out alot more. If our actors and actresses are getting noticed overseas i dont see why our films definately cant be.

Situating the film

Situating this film is very easy as it easily fits straight into the comedy genre. The reason being its light hearted humour with most of the comedy side of things coming from the songs these guys actually sing. As Garry mentions the problem with comedy is it tends to cross over other genres where i believe this one does. The way it is shot sometimes feels like a documentary \ mockumentary and being featured around music could also fall under the musical genre however if you were to compare it to say Moulin Rouge which is an all out musical it is quite different.


If you look at Molloy's other notable film Crackerjack which is centred around a bloke who only has a membership at the local bowls club for parking however is asked to play you can see that both these movies have his particular shine on them. They both deliver light hearted humour but also it has Molloy's single line of humour that characters often deliver that force you to give off the odd chuckle here and there.

As far as situating in terms of Australia's best comedy i think in my personal opinion that title is still held by The Castle and i still think there are other Australian comedies which are generally alot more humourous then this movie presented. Overall its not bad but its not great.