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Irresistible (Ann Turner) boasts a cast of well-known, award-winning and international actors. Susan Sarandon plays Sophie Hartley, a successful illustrator and author who is also a doting mother and wife. She is a New-York born Melbournian who was whisked away from the big apple by her parents when she was a teenager. The psychological thriller begins quite slowly with suspense-fuelled scenes where nothing much happens apart from a few surprising sounds or what seem like hallucinations from the point of view of Sophie. There is anticipation of a Ďscaryí event but nothing unfolds. The audience quickly wonders if Sophie has mental issues as she seems paranoid and constantly dreams of and has a mysterious obsession with owls. She carries a secret and the burden of her Motherís death cause her to lose sleep and work throughout the night. Despite this, we see what appears to be a happy marriage between her and her architect husband Craig (Sam Neil Jurassic Park) and a loving relationship with her daughters Elly and Ruby. The roles of the children are played wonderfully by Australian child-actors Joanna HuntĖ Prokhovnik and Lauren Mikkor respectively.


As Mara, played by Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) is introduced the audience sees the possible threat that her beauty and charisma poses on Sophie and her marriage. In the first scene where the two women meet, Mara flirts with both Sophie and Craig, giving viewers a creepy feeling that she somehow wants to be involved in their lives but it is not yet clear how or why. As the movie progresses Sophie becomes suspicious that Mara is trying to take over her life including her marriage and her children. As items go missing from her home she becomes convinced that her husbands co-worker is stalking her and invading her home. As a result, Sophie turns the tables only to be caught by Mara which places her in court where a restraining order is granted. It is at this point where he husband and even Sophie begin to think she is truly paranoid. When she loses her husband and children to her obsession, everything spirals out of control for her. Even though it seems Sophie is insane, there is still something suspicious about Mara. The ending offers a twist which answers almost all the questions that have developed throughout the movie but there are still a few loose ends that donít make sense to some viewers.


Ann Turnerís script and idea was inviting but Iím not sure whether the movie reached its full potential. In terms of genre, it was meant to be a psychological thriller and to a certain extent it was, butit didnít have that scare-factor that is often a result of all the drawn out suspense. There were scenes where the editing left something to be desired which perhaps made it seem like more of a made-for-television movie, which it was not mean to be. As a result it only received limited theatrical release in Australia and went straight to DVD in other countries. Irresistible may disappoint those who look for a true suspense-thriller, but at the same time, the story is mysterious which keep viewers involved.Irresistible is a little too slow at times but it was definitely held together by the brilliant performances from the cast.





Emily Bluntís character Mara flirts with Sophie (played by Sarandon) and her husband Craig.