Rounded Rectangle: IRRESISTIBLE

Irresistible was Ann Turner’s first film in 10 years, it followed her 1994 Dallas Doll and more well known Hammers Over the Anvil (1993) and Turtle Beach aka The Killing Beach (1992). Turner is a writer, director and producer and has participated in a number of Australian films and screenplays, which cover a broad range of genres including comedy (Dallas Doll), Drama (Hammers Over the Anvil) and Thriller (Turtle Beach and Irresistible). The Cast in Irresistible is one of the most renowned that Turner has ever worked with.


Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon’s lucrative film career began in 1970 when she got her first role and was cast as a major character. She plays the main character Sophie in Irresistible and has been nominated for and won a number of awards, including an Oscar, along the way. Although she has been involved in hugely popular mainstream films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Thelma and Louise (1991) and Stepmom (1998), Sarandon also enjoys smaller, more challenging and involved roles. IMDB quotes Sarandon as saying that; “It's still not easy to find roles that offer more complex images of women. I do a lot of smaller parts that I find interesting - as opposed to the big, splashy movies that you get paid more money for.” This is one of the reasons Sarandon wanted to play the part of Sophie in Irresistible. The character was mysterious but at the same time, could portray any middle-aged women whose family is threatened.


Sam Neil

The part of Craig is played by Australian actor Sam Neil. His repertoire includes movies and mini series from Australia and overseas. He has been in international blockbusters including Jurassic Park (1993) and Australian films The Horse Whisperer and the award winning ‘Tele-Movie’ Jessica (2004) based on the Bryce Courtenay novel of the same name.



Australian cinema has recently seen the emergence of a number of crime based feature films as this genre becomes increasingly popular at the movies and on television. The Saw (2004) trilogy sees a more gruesome portrayal of this genre, Rogue (2007) is more of an action based thriller and Irresistible (2006) is a psychological thriller with less physical violence and more mind games. The crime genre is a wide one and all of these movies can be included but they can also be identified in their own specific genres such as horror, mystery or thriller. Irresistible is definitely a psychological thriller with some mystery, both genres which are popular among both Australian and international audiences.


Australian Film Industry.

Australian films have increased in popularity over the past decade as a result of greater recognition. This recognition become strong in the late 1990’s and early 2000 with films like Two Hands (1999), The Wog Boy (2000) and The Castle (1997). Overseas interest wasn’t huge but it was more than Australia had received previously and all films were hugely popular within the country. Even though American movies strongly dominate the market, Australian films are becoming more appealing, especially those with American casts; for example, the Saw trilogy. With more and more established Australian actors working internationally in film and even on American television shows, the Australian film industry is constantly growing. With increased budgets and quality, Australian made films not only attract Australian actors, but internationally acclaimed performers as well.