Rounded Rectangle: IRRESISTIBLE


Irresistible received a varied response from critics, especially as it mainly went to DVD and only had a limited release in Australian cinemas. The film was criticised for its coda at the end which left viewers feeling frustrated. The excessive amount of music which was used to create suspense was another issue that arose a few times in the reviews. ABC movie critics Margaret & David discussed these issues and David expresses this frustration stating that ĎAnn Turnerís trying too hard to create suspension with the music through the little shock moments which really amount to nothing.í Irresistible was favourably likened to movies Gaslight (1944) and What Lies Beneath (2000), but was accused by critic Edwards(2006) of using scenes and shots from Alfred Hitchcock classics Vertigo and Suspicion. In saying this, there were also reviews which gave the movie high praise, commending Ann Turnerís writing and directing skills and there were critics who thought that the film should have been shown at the cinema. There is something to be said about the idea of the movie at least, as it attracted such a strong cast from all over the world.



The availability of information on Irresistible was relatively substantial but there were some facts thatís were not available. Budget and earnings information could not be located, but as a result of the well-known cast, there was enough information on-line to find out major and significant details. There werenít as many reviews as there could have been and interviews were extremely hard to come by.