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Essays written for this website

Tom O'Regan, Australian film in the 1970s: the ocker and the quality film

Tom O'Regan, Australian film in the 1980s

Tom O'Regan, Australian film in the 1990s

Tom O'Regan, "Fair Dinkum Fillums": the Crocodile Dundee Phenomenon

Tom O'Regan, The Australian film and TV interface

Tom O'Regan, The Man from Snowy River

Tom O'Regan, The Last Tasmanian

Papers from the History and/on/in Film Conference

Stuart Cunningham, The Chauvel School of Scenario Writing

Albert Moran, Documentary Consensus: The CFU 1954-1964

Neil McDonald, The Making of Assault on Salamaua

Ina Bertrand, The Grand Theatre Company and the National Exhibition Chains

Tom O'Regan, Rethinking the Revival

Articles in the first number of Continuum

In 1987, Continuum devoted an entire issue to Australian Film in the 1950s.

Tom O'Regan, Australian film in the 1950s

Stuart Cunningham, Chauvel: the last decade

Colin Johnson [Mudrooroo Nyoongar], Chauvel and the Aboriginal male in Australian film

Albert Moran, Nation building: the post-war documentary in Australia

Brian Shoesmith, Tom O'Regan, Ross Gibson, On the back of beyond: an interview with Ross Gibson

Stuart Cunningham, Nascent innovation

Albert Moran, Lee Robinson, 'The King of the Coral Sea': an interview with Lee Robinson

John Richardson, Movies under the stars: drive-ins and modernity

Tom O'Regan, The historical relations between theatre and film

Sue Dermody, Liz Jacka, An Australian Film Reader in question

Sam Rohdie, A review of National Fictions

Other articles from Continuum

Stuart Cunningham, To go back and beyond

Vijay Mishra, Aboriginal representations in Australian texts

Stephen Crofts, Cross-cultural reception studies: culturally variant readings of Crocodile Dundee

Stephen Crofts, Re-imaging Australia: Crocodile Dundee overseas

Geraldine Bloustien, Jane Campion: memory, motif and music

Carol Laseur, Australian exploitation film: the politics of bad taste

Kate Gilroy, Essaying two lovers' discourses

Gillian Leahy & Noel King, An interview with Gillian Leahy about My Life Without Steve

Freda Freiberg, Lost in Oz? Jews in the Australian Cinema

Toby Miller, When Australia became modern

William D. Routt, Are you a fish? Are you a snake? an obvious lecture and some notes on The Last Wave

Stephen Muecke, Narrative and intervention in Aboriginal filmmaking and policy

Mudrooroo Nyoongah, Passing for white passing for black: an ideological con-pro-testation' (written version)

Norm Leslie, Desperate diversions: the snowy, the Gulf, and populism


Carol Laseur, The Field of Genre and Australian Filmic Texts: Transforming Cultural Narratives

Tom O'Regan, The Politics of Representation: An Analysis of the Australian film revival

Rama Venkatasawmy, The Hybridity of Filmmaking in Australian National Cinema: Formulating a Cinematic Post-diaspora

Article from Span

Carol Laseur, BeDevil: Colonial Images, Aboriginal Memories


Catherine Simpson, Everynight ... Everynight

Carol Laseur, Terra Nullius: Invasion of the Land, Invasion of the Body

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