History  on / and / in  Film
History and Film Association of Australia (WA) Perth, 1987

History and Film is a conjunction of growing importance not only for Film and Media studies, but also for historians. The relation between History and Film can take a number of different guises: whether as film history, history on film, or the problems film poses for History and vice versa.

The papers collected here represent the renewed interest in historical questions and historical film from the standpoint of those working within Film and Media studies. This film studies bias was also reflected in the conference - The Third Australian History and Film Conference held in Perth in 1985 - from which these papers were drawn. The reader will find essays on: Australian and 1930s film history, John Grierson, 1950s current affairs TV, the contemporary "Nazi wave" in New German Cinema, history and film in the curriculum, the historian as film producer, and many more.


The 3rd Australian History and Film Conference, was sponsored by the Australian Film and Television School, Rural & Industries Bank (WA), Film and Television Institute (WA), The Australian Film Commission, Murdoch University, Western Australian College of Advanced Education, Curtin University of Technology and the University of Western Australia.

For an essay length discussion of this volume see Julian Thomas, "History with and Without Film", Meanjin, v. 48, n. 2 (1989), pp. 419-427.

History and Film Association of Australia (WA) Perth

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