Span: Journal of the South Pacific Assoc for Cwlth Lit and Language Studies
Number 33, 1992
Edited by Jenny de Reuck & Hugh Webb

The Work of Mudrooroo Narogin

Thirty-one years of literary production, 1960-1991:
A comprehensive listing of primary materials (including unpublished work) with secondary sources

Hugh Webb

Colin Johnson changed his name to Mudrooroo Narogin in 1988 as a "special Bicentennial event". He is now known as Mudrooroo Nyoongah. In this listing the following authorial name-coding has been adopted:

CJ - works published under the name Colin Johnson

MN - works published under the name Mudrooroo Narogin

M - works published under the name Mudrooroo

MNy - works published under the name Mudrooroo Nyoongah

Mudrooroo describes the situation as follows:

I was born in Narrogin WA - hence my name. In 1988 I decided that to have an English name wasn't very appropriate. Seeing as I was born in a little place outside Narrogin called East Cuballing, which is only a post office and not much else, and since Narrogin was the name on my birth certificate I decided I would use "Narogin" at least as my nom-de-plume. "Mudrooroo" came about because I was talking to Oodgeroo Noonuccal in 1988 and she, in the course of discussion, said that we should have a working totem or dreaming. Then she said seeing that we are writers why not the paperbark tree? "Oodgeroo" means paperbark in the Noonuccal language and "Mudrooroo" means paperbark in the Bibbulmum language which is my mother's people's language; and so I changed my name to Mudrooroo. Now that evolved into "Mudrooroo Nyoongah" which is my people's name. I then became tired of explaining what Nyoongah meant. (The term "Aboriginal" or "Aborigine" is a white imposition on the indigenous peoples of Australia; being a Nyoongah means something different to being an "Aboriginal" - we're a mix of races who belong to the south-west of Western Australia.) So my name now is Mudrooroo Nyoongah and my nom-de-plume is Mudrooroo.

Aboriginal Voices, p.55.



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CJ Wild Cat Falling (Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1965), reprinted 1966-1990: Angus and Robertson (second edition), Penguin Books (third edition), Sirius Quality Paperbacks (three reprints); Russian translation (1980).

"... a book about the coming together of a boy and a girl" - abandoned. See interview with Ulli Beier.

"A novel on a crime that actually happened in Western Australia ... was to be a drug investigation book" - incomplete (see Beier interview).

"... an untitled short erotic novel, a very stylistic piece of work in the French fashion ... based on the notion of liberation through sexuality in the tantric fashion" - unpublished (see Beier interview).

Unpublished novel (working title Meditation Camp) - notes lost: see interview with Ulli Beier.

Unpublished novel (Escape from the Great Whiteland) - rejected by publishers and manuscript burned by the author.

Unpublished novel MS (St Francis and the Detective): this is the manuscript referred to in the interview with Ulli Beier.

CJ Extracts from Long Live Pigeon! (cited as "work in progress") in Meanjin (Aboriginal Issue), vol. 36, no. 4, December 1977, pp. 494-507. Early draft of Long Live Sandawara.

CJ Long Live Sandawara (Melbourne: Quartet Books, 1979), second edition, Hyland House (1987); Swedish translation, Stockholm: Askild and Karnekull (1983).

Incomplete novel manuscript (called Marooned and Exiled). "The Aborigines were marooned on the island [Van Diemen's Land] at the end of the last iceage and the convicts were sent as exiles from England and Europe" (see Beier interview).

CJ Doctor Wooreddy's Prescription for Enduring the Ending of the World (Melbourne: Hyland House, 1983 and New York: Ballantine, 1983), reprinted Hyland House (1987) and new American Editions (1986, 1990).

MN Doin Wildcat / A Novel Koori Script / As constructed by / Mudrooroo Narogin (Melbourne: Hyland House, 1988).

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MNy Master of the Ghost Dreaming: a novel by Mudrooroo (Sydney: Angus and Robertson Imprint, 1991). Author's full name shown as Mudrooroo Nyoongah.

MNy Forthcoming: The Man Who Wasn't There (Sydney : Collins/Angus and Robertson), due for publication : March, 1992).


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CJ The Song Circle of Jacky and Selected Poems (Melbourne: Hyland House, 1986) including a Glossary.

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CJ Dalwurra : The Black Bittern, A Poem Cycle (Nedlands: Centre for Studies in

(MN) Australian Literature, 1988), includes an author's Introduction.

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MN "Country Dog in the City", "Song Twenty-One" and "Song Twenty-seven"

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CJ Sunlight Spreadeagles Perth In Blackness : A bicentennial gift poem, By Colin Johnson, Perth, Western Australia, 1985, (including author's Glossary) approximately half of the original draft manuscript, in New Literatures Review, no. 17, summer south, 1989, pp. 50-68. Pages 1-3 of the draft poem appear in Hugh Webb, "Poetry as Guerilla Warfare: Colin Johnson's Semiotic Bicentennial Gift", New Literatures Review (same issue), pp. 43-45.

MN "Seeking Mudrooroo", unpublished poem read (by the author) on the programme What Do You Really Do For a Job? (SBS Television, Australia, April 4th, 1990). Transcribed here:

"Seeking Mudrooroo"

He came here with clapsticks
And a language broken from a conqueror's
He says 'No, sir', 'Maybe sir'
But never 'Yes, sir'
His words hit out at the shopping centres
And their states of mind
He desires to turn water into wine
And glass into silicon

His words should be treated
As the joke of his absence
Seeking Mudrooroo
They root out his totem
Bare ground to build an Aboriginal cemetery
Of stone etched by the chains of convicts
The claws of his feet
Are indecipherable scratches
The tap-tap of his computer fingers
Essays a programme
Lost in the clothing
Of absolute teletypes

The news is
No Abo Demos anymore
The flag is flayed
As the grass is killed
The leaders talk firewords
While their sons evade the gallows
For the sad cell knot

Seeking Mudrooroo
But the threat of his invisibility
Is a faintness of two hundred years of loss
And the gaining of words
To misuse and mash up his culture
Gone Silent

M "Beached Australian Party", Sydney Morning Herald, January 1991.

M The Garden of Gethsemane: Poems from the Lost Decade (Melbourne: Hyland House, 1991): includes 'Stradbroke Island Dreamings 1989' and 'Happy Birthday, Australia 1988'. Publisher's Notes state that he "is now working on his seventh novel, the second part of the Wildcat trilogy, and a film script adaption from his novel, Master of the Ghost Dreaming".


Unpublished verse-adaptation (titled The Little Red Car) of "a 6th Century Sanskrit play called The Little Clay Cart ... updated to the period of Mrs Ghandi's India" - incomplete (see Beier interview).

CJ Big Sunday, unpublished, a play workshopped at the National Aboriginal Playwright's Conference, Canberra, January 1987.

MN Mutjinggaba, The Place of the Old Woman, unpublished, a play workshopped at the Black Playwright's Conference, Sydney, January 1989.

MN Muller/Mudrooroo Project, workshopped and play reading, Belvoir Theatre, Sydney, 1991.


CJ Wildcat Falling, film script, reworked 1975-85.

CJ Co-producer with Peter Jeffery, Wangki, video-text, Murdoch University, Western Australia, 1984.

MN Master of the Ghost Dreaming, film script, for Queensland Film Office, 1991.


CJ Co-author with Colin Bourke and Isobel White, Before the Invasion :Aboriginal Life to 1788 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1980).


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