Journal of the South Pacific
Association for Commonwealth
Literature and Language Studies
Number 33 (1992)


Edited by Kathryn Trees

Span number 33



Kateryna Longley, Kathryn Trees, Introduction: neo-colonialism?


Jenny de Reuck, John de Reuck, 'The referendum in South Africa: a triumph of the spirit?'

Garry Gillard, 'Narrative situation and ideology in five novels of Ayi Kwei Armah'

Alan Mansfield, Kathryn Trees, 'An apologetics of outrage'

Bob Hodge, 'Language and war: orientalism in the "mother of all battles"'

Ian Buchanan, 'Writing the wrongs of history: de Certeau and post-colonialism'

Hugh Webb, 'The Work of Mudrooroo Narogin: thirty-one years of literary production, 1960-1991'

Sarah Irwin, 'Language of disappearances'

Phillip Roe, 'Textual tourism: negotiating the spaces of reading'

Anna Berehulak, 'The critical aesthetic: reappraisal of Ukrainian literary history in the works of Valerii Shevchuk'

Alamgir Hashmi, 'Current Pakistani fiction'

Michele Drouart, '"Gunrunning", theatre and cultural attitude in Conrad's "Karain"'


Riemke Ensing, 'Tawata', 'Lucy', 'Molly'

John Joseph Jones, 'Trees'

Peter Anstee, 'A little lucifer'

Deborah Pearson, 'Light and dark', 'In the dark'

Alamgir Hashmi, 'In Cordoba'

Lau Siew Mei, 'The core revolt'

Marguerite Laurence, 'the crossroads'


(all in the one file)

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