Span: Journal of the South Pacific Assoc for Cwlth Lit and Language Studies
Number 33, 1992
Edited by Jenny de Reuck & Hugh Webb

Introduction: Neo-colonialism?

Kateryna Longley, Kathryn Trees

Since the last issue of SPAN, major world events have occurred that cannot pass without comment, in a journal concerned with post-colonial issues: the South African 'Yes' vote; and in Eastern Europe, the dissolution of the Soviet Union. These and other world-changing events have been addressed in this issue within articles which are, in some cases, overtly polemical, while in others they are explored through literary analysis. This diverse collection demonstrates clearly the inseparability of literary and political practice in the field of post-colonial studies. The title of this issue, Neocolonialism, points to the dangers of post-colonial complacency.

Forthcoming issues of SPAN from Murdoch University include Diaspora, a double issue which will include papers from the forthcoming SPACLALS conference and an issue on feminism and post-colonial interstices to make up the six Murdoch issues in this trimester.

We wish to thank Ann Valberg, Diana Clegg and Jan Bide for their vital production work, Richard Longley for his innovative cover design—and a special thanks to Garry Gillard for his time and editorial assistance.

Kateryna Longley, Kathryn Trees (for the Editorial Board)

Murdoch University

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