Span 37

Journal of the South Pacific Assoc for Cwlth Lit and Language Studies
Number 37, 1993
Yorga Wangi:
Postcolonialism and Feminism
Edited by Anne Brewster, Marion Campbell, Ann McGuire, Kathryn Trees


Stirring Words: Feminist Decolonisations


Helen Lockyer, Defiant

Maria Degabriele, Native

Sue Kossew, 'Women's Words': A Reading of J.M. Coetzee's Women Narrators

Janine Little, 'Tiddas in Struggle': A Consultative Project with Murri, Koori and Nyoongah Women

Valerie Spence, Representations of Subjectivity in Not Being Miriam


Kathleen Dzubiel, She Must Be Mad

Mari Rhydwen, Writing About Talking to Other Women

Maria Degabriele, The Wrestling

Stacey Smithers, My Mother Made Flesh

Judy Jurass, Diminishing in Visibility--She'll Be Right

Alison Georgeson, 'Measurable Breadth and Depth' and 'Masquerade'


Rosemary Van den Berg, Changing Years

Carol Laseur, beDevil: Colonial Images, Aboriginal Memories

Liza Kappelle, A Stitch in Time

Barbara Holloway, White Steps on the Way to the International Year of Indigenous People: The Difficulties and Lines of Flight of Mary Gilmore

Susan Lever, 'The Night of Which No One Speaks': Christina Stead's Art As Struggle


Carmel Macdonald-Grahame, On Air

Vasso Kalamaras, Victims

Michèle Drouart, Battles: Of Poetry and Orientalism

Haya Husseini, Turkish Coffee

Sarah Jones, The Outing

Alison Greenwood Maitland, Ode to a Butcher


Doris Pilkington, The Escape

Anne Goldson, Getting the Picture

Marie Luisz B. Aquilar-Cariño, Dia/spora


Wendy Jenkins, Regional Writers Song

Marion Campbell, Narrative and Unknowing: Tidal Writing by Marguerite Duras and Joan London

Abigail Bray, Infective Writing: Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil and Angela Carter's 'Black Venus'

Kerry Goddard, Women off the Market: Possession and Desire in Elizabeth Jolley's The Well

Kay Torney, Blackbirds and Lost Babies: Narrative of Child-Stealing in Australia and the Pacific Islands

Bea Ballangarry, Whole Woman, I am Here in a Centre


Debbie Rodan, Annotated Critical Bibliography: The Intersection of Postcolonialism and Feminism

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