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This page contains a bibliography of writings related to the radio industry and radio culture in Australia. It is part of Oz Radio in the Culture and Communication Reading Room at Murdoch University.

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- B -

Baird, L. (ed.) (1992) Guide to Radio Production, Australian Film,
Television and Radio School, Allen & Unwin, Sydney.

Baird, L. (1992) "So What Is Radio?" in Baird, L. (ed.) Australian Film Television and Radio School Guide to Radio Production. Sydney: Allen and Unwin. p. 10.

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Broadcasting Services Act (1992).

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- C

Ciallella, R. (1991) The Shaping of a Voice: The Early Years of 6WF,
Murdoch University thesis for Honours Award in Communication, Studies,

Crisell, A. (1986) Understanding Radio, Methuen, London.

Cunningham, S & Turner, G (eds) (1993) The Media in Australia, Allen & Unwin.

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- D -

Dugdale, J. (1979) Radio Power: Access Radio 3ZZZ. Melbourne: Hyland House.

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- F -

Fisher, Hal. How to Become a Radio Disc Jockey. TAB Books, USA.

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- H -

Harding, T.E. Let's Write A Script. Georgian House, Melbourne.

Herbert, John. The Techniques of Radio Journalism. Edward Arnold, Australia.

Higgins, C. & Moss, P. (1982) Sounds Real: Radio in Everyday Life,
University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia.

Higgins, C. S.& Moss, P.D.(1982) Sounds Real : Radio in Everyday Life. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press.

Hill, B. (1986) "Oz Radio Now" in Media Information Australia 41.


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Hoffer, Jay. Radio Production Techniques. TAB Books, USA.

Hughes, W.F., (1925) Forward in Myers, M., Wireless in Australia and New
, Sydney.

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- I -

Inglis, K. S. (1983) This is the ABC : the Australian Broadcasting Commission, 1932-1983 . Carlton: Melbourne University Press.

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- J -

Johnson, L. (1987) The Early Years of Radio; Defining the Political in
Wheelwright, T., & Buckley, K. (eds) Communication and the Media in
, Allen and Unwin, North Sydney.

Johnson, L. (1988) The Unseen Voice: A Cultural Study of Australian Radio,
Routledge, London."

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- K -

Kent, J. (1983) Out of the Bakelite Box, Angust & Robertson, Sydney.

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- L -

Levy, Wayne & Bradley, Kevin. Wavelength. Nelson, Melbourne, 1980.

Lewis, Julie. On Air. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1979.

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- M -

MacKay, I. (1957) Broadcasting in Australia, Melbourne University Press,


McCahon, B. (1992) Confronting a Myth - Radio Meets the Challenge of
. Murdoch University thesis for Honours Award in Communication

Matthews, Iola. How to Use the Media in Australia, Fontana.

McLeish, Robert. The Technique of Radio Production.


Miller, T. (1993) ""Radio" in Cunningham, and Turner, (eds) The Media in Australia. Allen & Unwin. pp 41-58.

Milne, Greg. The Radio Journalist. Radio 2WS. Sydney.

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- N -

Nightingale, V. (1990) "Women as Audiences" in Ellen-Brown, M. (ed.)
Television and Womens Culture, 1990, Sage Publications, London.

Nisbeth, Alec. The Use of Microphones. Focal, New York 1974.

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- O -

O'Shaughnessy, Pieta, Making Waves: A Comprehensive Radio Handbook for Australian Secondary School Students, O'Shaughnessy Communications, South Fremantle (link to promotional page)

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- P -

Potts, J. (1989) Radio in Australia. Kensington: New South Wales University Press.

Public Broadcasting Association of Australia, Newsletter, 1979 - circulated
within the PBAA. Summaries of the Association's activities. Available
from PBAA, Box 578, North Sydney, NSW 2060. Now Community B.A.

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- Q -

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- R -

Redfern, Barrie. Local Radio. Focal Press, U.K.

Richardson, J. (1988) The Limits of Authorship: The Radio Broadcasts of
Irene Greenwood 1936-54
, Murdoch University thesis for award of Honours in
Communication Studies, Murdoch.


Rivers, William. The Mass Media. Mayfield, Mountain View, Calif. 1988.

Rivers, William & Work, Alison. Writing for the Media. Mayfield, Mountain
View, Calif. 1988.

Ross, J. F. A History of Radio in South Australia 1897-1977 Plympton Park,
South Australia. 1978

Rowe, D. (1992) " 'Just Warming 'em up': Radio Talkback and its Renditions." in Continuum 6:1.

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- S -

Seneviratne, K. (1993) "Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Community Radio in Australia" in Media Asia 20: 2. pp. 66-74.

Strauss, Neil. (ed) Radiotext(e), Semotext(e), Columbia University, 1993

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- T -

Thomas, A. Broadcast & Be Damned, Melbourne University Press, Victoria. 1980

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- V -

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- W -

Walker, John. The Magic Spark. Hawthorn Press, Melbourne.

Walker, R. The Magic Spark. Hawthorn Press, Melbourne. 1973

White, Brian. White on the Media. Cassell.

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- Z -

Zilm, J. (1993) "Nomad Radio" in Radiotext(e): Semiotext(e). Semiotext(e) 6:1.

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