Bibliography of Australian Television

A Provisional Bibliography of Writings on Australian Television

(drawn from Tom O'Regan, Australian Television Culture, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1993)

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- A -

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and Department of Transport and Communication (DOTAC) 1991, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasting policy review, a discussion paper prepared jointly by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissions and the Department of Transport and Communications, July, ATSIC and DOTAC, Canberra

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----1988, Broadcasting in Australia, 1988, AGPS, Canberra

----1990, Broadcasting Financial Yearbook 1988/89, ABT, Sydney

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Australian Film Commission (AFC) 1975, Report of the Interim Board of the Australian Film Commission, Sydney, 14 February

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- B -

Bailey, Julie James 1980, 'The road to ethnic television---key dates and references', Media Information Australia, no. 15, pp. 12-14

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Bureau of Transport and Communications Economics 1991, Economic Aspects of Broadcast Regulation, AGPS, Canberra


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- C -

Carmichael, Helen 1991, Seeing is Believing: Scriptwriting in a Multicultural Society, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Canberra, April

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---- with Toby Miller 1994 Contemporary Australian Television, UNSW Press, Kensington Sydney.

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- D -

Davidson, Ken 1968, 'Profit - and loss', Ten Years of Television, ed. M. MacCallum, Sun Books, Melbourne

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- E -

Entertainment Business Review (EBR) 1991, 'Focus on the television Industry: How Seven, Nine and Ten are coping with the industry's transition to maturity', 4 November, pp. 1-3

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----1989, 'Achieving a qualitative diversity of choice in Australian television', Media Information Australia, no. 53 August, pp. 37-42

Federation of Australian Commmercial Television Stations (FACTS) 1970, Facts of Australian Content in Television Programme Schedules, FACTS, Sydney, September

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- F -

FACTS 1972, 1971/72 11th Annual Report, FACTS, Sydney

Foster, Lois and Stockley, David 1988, Australian Multiculturalism: A Documentary History and Critique, Multilingual Matters 37, Clevedon, Philadelphia

----1990, 'The construction of a new public culture: multiculturalism in an Australian productive culture', ANZJS, vol. 26, no. 3, pp. 307-328

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- G -

Geller, Henry 1990, 'Broadcast regulation in a changing environment', TV 2000: Choices and Challenges, ed Elizabeth Moore, ABT, Sydney, pp. 113-124

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-----1993, 'Australian production: the outlook', Communications Update, issue 85, February, pp. 23-24

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- H -

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- I -


Industries Assistance Commission 1989, International Trade in Services, Report no. 418, AGPS, Canberra

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Industries Assistance Commission 1989b International Initiatives to Liberalise Trade in Services, Inquiry into International Trade in Services, Discussion Paper, n.3, AGPS, Canberra

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- J -

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- K -

Kaufman, Tina 1989, 'SBS and independent filmmakers', Filmnews, September, pp. 2, 10

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- L -

Lan Tran 1992, 'Vietnamese films & ethnic identity', Student Essay, Communication Studies, Murdoch University.

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- M -

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- N -

Norton, Suzanne Frentz 1985, 'Tea time on the "telly": British and Australian soap opera', Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 3-20

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- O -

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- P -

Patterson, Rosalind 1986, 'EA ethnic radio: dilemmas of direction', Media Information Australia, no. 41, pp. 50-56

--------- 1992, 'SBS-TV: forerunner of the future', Media Information Australia, n. 66, pp. 85-92

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- Q -

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- R -

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- S -

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- T -

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- U -

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 1990, Racism, Cultural Pluralism and the Media, Office of Multicultural Affairs, November, Canberra

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- V -

van der Weel, Adriaan 1990, 'Subtitling and the SBS audience', Media Information Australia, no. 56, pp. 22-26

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- W -

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- X -

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- Y -

Young, Christabel 1988, 'Ethnic media and ethnic groups', Media Information Australia, no. 40 May, pp. 49-55

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- Z -

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- # -

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