Australian Television Culture

Tom O'Regan
(St Leonards, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1993)



1. Situating Australia's television culture

2. High communications policy in Australia

3. The rise and fall of entrepreneurial television, 1986-1992

4. Television's double vision: of imported and local programming

5. Television and national culture

6. National culture in the new television order

7. SBS-TV: Symbolic politics and multicultural policy (with Dona Kolar-Panov)

8. SBS-TV: a television service (with Dona Kolar-Panov)

9. An Aboriginal television culture: issues, strategies, politics (with Philip Batty)

See also Terry Flew's review of Australian Television Culture in Continuum 8:2 (1994): 'Mongrels and hybrids: theorising Australian television'

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