Oz TV Writing

This page is part of OZ TV in the Reading Room at Murdoch University. It contains links to a selection of full-text extracts of writings on Australian television.

Allan Brown, 'Pay TV for Australia'

Susan Bye, '"Like a schoolgirl with chocs": Bill Collins and The Golden Years of Hollywood'

Peter Cook, 'Steering between Private and State Power'

Stuart Cunningham, 'Update: Pay TV for Australia', May 1990

Ann Curthoys, 'Television before television'

Tim Dwyer, 'Emerging Policies for Pay TV'

Christine Higgins, 'BROADCAST NEWS: A Linguistic Mode of Analysis'

Robert Hodge, 'Aboriginal truth and white media: Eric Michaels meets the spirit of Aboriginalism'

Dona Kolar-Panov, 'Ethnic cleansing, plastic bags and throw-away people'

Norm Leslie, 'Desperate diversions: the snowy, the Gulf, and populism'

Alec McHoul, 'The styles of Eric Michaels: a rhetorical analysis'

Eric Michaels, 'A model of teleported texts'

Toby Miller, 'Splitting the citizen'

Albert Moran, 'Some beginnings for Australian television: the first Governor-General'

Catherine Nicholson: on 'Graham Kennedy's Funniest Home Video Show'

Tom O'Regan,'Towards a high communication policy: assessing recent changes within Australian broadcasting'

Tom O'Regan, 'TV as cultural technology: the work of Eric Michaels'

Jay Ruby, 'The belly of the beast: Eric Michaels and the anthropology of visual communication'

Jay Ruby & Tom O'Regan, 'Eric Michaels: a partial guide to his written work'

Sandra Taylor, 'Days of Their Lives?: Popular Culture, Femininity and Education, 143'

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