Pub Talk second semester 2001

Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets
Presentations start 6.30pm sharp.




2 August

Rob Bygott (Media, Murdoch)

Kuru: The Human Version of Mad Cow's Disease. A discussion of (and footage from) a documentary about Cannibalism, Kuru and the People of Papua New Guinea

9 August

Martin Mhando (Chair of Media Studies, Murdoch University)

Making Maangamizi: The Ancient One

16 August

Jane Stadler & Amanda Third (Media Studies, Murdoch University)

Alice and Renee Perform Film Theory: David Lynch's Lost Highway

23 August

Jon Stratton (Professor of Cultural Studies, School of Communication and Cultural Studies, Curtin University of Technology)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: What's being Jewish got to do with it?

30 August

Brogan Bunt (Chair of Multimedia, Murdoch University)

Imagining Interactive Documentary: the Halfeti Project

6 September

Debbie Rodan (Murdoch and ECU: Arts-Media)

Deconstructing the Identity of 'Women' in the film East is East

13 September

Paul Stange (Asian Studies)

Nocturnal Ethnography and Javanese Sacred Sites

20 September

Mick Broderick (Media Studies, Murdoch University)

Stanley Kubrick's World of Shit

27 September

Susan Ash (ECU English)

The Womb as Salt Marsh: Fetal Imaging and Maternal Narratives

4 October

Ingrid Richardson (Media, Culture and Communication, Murdoch University)

Corporeal TV: Agency and Embodiment in Teleculture

11 October

Bill Dunstone (Curtin)

A 'society of spectacle': visuality, space and colonial masquerade

18 October

Mark Gibson (Culture and Communication)

The Powers of the Pokémon

25 October

Terri-ann White (University of Western Australia)

National Claims: Finding Theodore and Brina

1 November

Lubica Ucnik (Philosophy, Murdoch University)

Is Pauline Popular or What is a Democratic State?

8 November

Helena Grehan (Theatre and Drama)

Consumption or Exchange: Contemporary Intercultural Performance in 'new' Asia

In 2001, Jane Stadler and Amanda Third are the convenors. Garry Gillard does the webpages.

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