Pub Talk 2002

Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets
Presentations start 6.30pm sharp.

First Semester

28 February

Amanda Third

'Does the rug match the carpet?' authenticity, race, and redheaded women

7 March

Johan Lidberg

Freedom of Information as a journalistic tool: a study of contrasting cultures

14 March

James Donald

Three songs of colonial displacement

21 March

Keith Harrison


Strategies for coming home: a writer's notes on living in three, four or five places

4 April

Dr Carmen Lawrence MP
Dr Fernand de Varennes
Ms Corina Martin

Special topic: the Australian refugee industry

11 April

Jennifer Dudley

Of hidden queens, warrior women, emancipist princesses and managerial mothers

18 April

Sean Gorman

Take the family to see some Aboriginal art tomorrow: football and Indigenous identity

2 May

Helena Grehan

Over the Edge and into the Abyss: A critical analysis of Ningali Lawford and Hung Le's comedic collaboration Black & Tran

9 May

Deborah Gare

The Anzac myth: Western Australian identity, patriotism and perspectives of the Great War

16 May

Wendy Parkins and Geoff Craig

La dolce vita: slow living in postmodern culture

23 May

Jim Warren

Singapore's avant-garde theatre: 'Broken Birds' - new ways of 'viewing' the history of Japanese women in Southeast Asia

30 May
Paper followed by 'Pubwalk'

Steve Redhead

'Accelerated culture': Paul Virilio and the history of the present

Second Semester

25 July

Debbie Rodan & Jane Mummery

Discourses of democracy: an analysis of letters in The Australian on the September 11 attack and the Tampa refugees

8 August

Mick Broderick

Atomicalia: representing pop culture ephemera in the nuclear age

15 August

Gail Phillips

The anarchic audience

22 August

Richard K. Moore

What were Jesus and Co. on about? Has our English Bible kept us in the dark?

29 August

Brogan Bunt

Hegel & the generative hotel

5 September

Carolyn van Langenberg

The compelling Mr Glaskin, a work in progress

12 September

Richard Read

Art criticism and psychoanalysis, a test case: Adrian Stokes and Melanie Klein

19 September

Alec McHoul & Mark Rapley

Stigma and branding: who is SANE

26 September

Mark Gibson

From Versailles to video-conferencing: cross-cultural etiquette, globalisation and power

3 October

Wanning Sun

A beautiful new world: cinema, city, and transnational imagination

10 October

Lubica Ucnik

Globalisation as human liberation

17 October

Kath Albury

The micropolitics of heterosex

24 October

Felicity Newman

The Yiddishe Mama Roadshow: foodways and the secular Jew

31 October

Horst Ruthrof

Neural Dasein: Philosophy in the Flesh

7 November
Paper followed by 'Pubwalk'

Grant Stone

Paul Rigby Cartoonist

In second semester 2002, Lubica Ucnik is the convenor. Garry does the webpages.

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