Take the family to see some Aboriginal Art Tomorrow: Engaging with Indigenous Australia. 'Krakouer Magic' and Aussie Rules

Sean Gorman

Pub Talk

Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets
Presentations start 6.30pm sharp.

18 April 2002


For many non-Indigenous Australians, Indigenous Australia is an unknown. Policies like the 1905 Act, Stolen Children, the 1967 Referendum as well as cross-cultural awareness and understanding are issues which many White Australians cannot or do not want to engage with. One area where Indigenous Australians have made a distinguished and positive contribution is sport, particularly Australian Rules Football. Names such as Polly Farmer, Syd Jackson, Barry Cable, Maurice Rioli, Michael Long, Chris Lewis and Dale Kickett attest to the great legacy that Indigenous football players have made to the Australian code. However, it is the story of Jim and Phillip Krakouer that will be examined and engaged with so as to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous social and cultural manifestations. This is done to gain a insight into their playing careers which spanned some thirteen years in the WAFL and in the VFL. This thesis is a means of trying to comprehend a better society by drawing on the popular cultural manifestation of Australian Rules and engaging with the socio-cultural reality that exists for many Australians. The Krakouers' story will be the vehicle for that engagement.

Pub Talk | 2002

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