What were Jesus and Co. on about?
Has our English Bible kept us in the dark?

Richard K. Moore

Pub Talk

Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets
Presentations start 6.30pm sharp.

22 August 2002


Happily, theology in a university setting is free from many of the constraints imposed by theology in a Church or denominational seminary setting. So often Christianity, as presented in the media, is confined to very specific issues or even matters which are peripheral to its major concerns. This paper purports to deal with what lies at the heart of the Christian faith. In doing so it treats the issue which divided the Western Church at the Reformation. The Reformers greatly advanced their case by providing vernacular translations of the Bible, including versions in English. Yet, it will be argued, the way they presented this issue in English translations (which remains the dominant pattern, and today is used by both Catholics and Protestants) is seriously flawed. Then what was Jesus of Nazareth really on about? How did his company, the apostolic church, take this up? How faithfully are Jesus and his company represented in our English Bibles? Be assured that long, long after our PubTalk is over, people will still be engaged with this issue! Here is an opportunity for you to be part of it.

(Dr) Richard K. Moore
Head of New Testament Department, Baptist Theological College of Western Australia
Lecturer, Murdoch University, Western Australia
Phone: + 61 (08) 9361-9962

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