Australian Refugee Industry

Pub Talk

Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets
Presentations start 6.30pm sharp.

4 April 2002


This week in the Pubtalk Seminar Series, we will hold a panel discussion of the topic 'The Australian Refugee Industry'. 'Refugee Industry' is a reference to the ways that refugees have been produced as Other by Western liberal democratic governments in debates over membership of the nation and national identity. That is, over the last couple of years, the production and circulation of the idea of refugees has become one part of the process by which states determine who is/who is not entitled to citizenship of the modern democratic nation-state.

Bringing together a number of speakers from a variety of different backgrounds, the panel aims to critique the ways that refugees have been represented in the Australian context so far, and to suggest how we might think about them differently.

Panel: Dr Carmen Lawrence MP, Dr Fernand de Varennes, Ms Corina Martin

Pub Talk | 2002

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