Constituting the Identity of Older People in Retirement Village Advertising

Debbie Rodan & Christine Toye, Edith Cowan University


Pub Talk 2 October 2003

The way in which the identities of older people are constituted, for example in the print media, may have ramifications for society. If advertisers target specific groups, such as either the active elderly, or the elderly in need of care, they may be constructing what Joseph Turow calls 'image tribes'. The creation of 'image tribes' suggests a society that is fracturing along social, racial, and/or cultural lines. Despite the importance of the topic, media representations of ageing have not been extensively investigated using qualitative research methods. This paper is based on a research project in which we examine media representations of ageing in Western Australia, albeit in a restricted context, that of advertisements for private retirement villages. We also examine the implications in terms of the kinds of benefits and harms that may flow from representational forms in newspaper print advertisements.

Pub Talk | 2004

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