Moving the Boundaries, first semester 1990

Seaview Hotel, South Terrace, South Fremantle
Fridays 5.00 pm

9 March, Gary Wickham (Sociology, Murdoch), 'Justice, democracy and the demise of politics'

16 March, Tom O'Regan (Humanities, Murdoch), 'Accounting for popularity: Why is Hollywood so popular?'

30 March, Tim Lambert (Psychiatry, UWA), 'Psychiatric diagnosis as an ethical problem'

6 April, Zoe Sofoulis (Humanities, Murdoch), 'A workshop on humanities in the No-Zone'

20 April, Gavin Wood and Simon Avenell (Economics, Murdoch), 'The media and the arts: an economic perspective'

27 April, Horst Ruthrof (Humanities, Murdoch), 'A critique of literal meaning'

4 May, Gaye Lansdell (Law, Murdoch), 'AIDS and the criminal justice system'

25 May, John Grandage (Vet School, Murdoch), 'Skeletons and plagiarism'

1 June, Bill Taylor (Architecture, UWA), 'Laissez-faire architecture: a view from the bridge'

8 June, Rod Giblett (Humanities, Murdoch), 'Philosophy in the wetlands, or, In the slime with Sartre, or, The greening of Cultural Studies'

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