Moving the Boundaries, first semester 1991

Dining Room, His Lordship's Larder, Cnr Mouat & Phillimore Sts Fremantle
Fridays 5.30 pm sharp

8 March, Feminist Economics, Eva Cox (Director, Women's Economic Think Tank - WET TANK)

15 March, Regulating the City, Gary Wickham (Social Sciences, Murdoch University), Graham Crist, Hannah Lewi, (Architecture, University of WA)

22 March, Soccer Hooligans: Rabble with a Cause, Patrick Cornish & Roger Simms (Journalism, Murdoch University)

29 March, Good Friday, no paper

5 April, during teaching break, no paper

12 April, Eat dirt: mining and gluttony, Rod Giblett (Culture and Communication, Curtin),

19 April, Philosophy and literature: the dimension of desire, Robyn Ferrell (Philosophy, Murdoch)

26 April, Someone is pushing them to the side of their own lives: a feminist critique of the legal, defences of provocation and self-defence, Stella Tarrant (Law, UWA)

3 May, Time-travel and the family, Jon Stratton (Curtin)

10 May, during two week teaching break, no paper

17 May, during two week teaching break, no paper

24 May, The politics of the deployment of attention in the body, Paul Stange (Humanities, Murdoch University)

31 May, Teachers and the construction of knowledge, David Tripp (Education, Murdoch University)

7 June, The battle for Goonininup: late colonial representation and the Old Brewery, Steve Mickler (Communication Studies, Murdoch University)

14 June, False Starts and Books Ends, Niall Lucy and Alec McHoul (Communication Studies, Murdoch University) (on: Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49; Vineland)

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