Moving the Boundaries, second semester 1991

Dining Room, His Lordship's Larder, Cnr Mouat & Phillimore Sts Fremantle
Fridays 5.30 pm sharp

2 August, Free speech and safe speech: Political Correctness as applied to media and education in the USA, Patrick Cornish (Journalism, Murdoch University)

9 August, The relevance of pluralism for socialism, Paul Hirst (Professor of Social Theory, Birkbeck College, University of London)

16 August, Dances withWolves, Panel: Jim Warren, John Darling (Humanities, Murdoch University)

23 August, Traffic, Grant Hewson (Humanities, MurdochUniversity)

30 August, during non-teaching break - no paper

6 September, Media representations of science and technology, Ian Barns (Institute for Social and Technology Policy, Murdoch University)

13 September, Difficult disciplinary positions, Mandy Smith (Psychology, Murdoch University)

20 September, The strange second death of political philosophy, Toby Miller (Communication Studies, Murdoch University)

27 September, Lowry's envois, Niall Lucy & Alec McHoul (Communication Studies, Murdoch University)

4 October, during non-teaching break - no paper,

11 October, Discourse, subjectivity and schooling, Cate Poynton (University of South Australia) & Alison Lee (Educational Services and Teaching Resources, Murdoch University)

18 October, Art criticism, art history & the mass media:, Adrian Stokes, E. H. Gombrich & the London intelligentsia, Richard Read (Fine Arts, University of Western Australia)

25 October, The postmodern body: aerobic grammar, Philip Roe (Humanities, Murdoch University)

1 November, Violence and the feminist detective novel, Susan Hayes (Humanities, Murdoch University)

8 November, Anatomy and the Milky Way, John Grandage (Veterinary Studies, Murdoch University)

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