Pub Talk 2004

Pub Talk in 2004 will again be on Thursdays at the Fremantle Hotel, corner Cliff & High Streets. Drinks at 6.00pm, presentations 6.30pm sharp.

Pubtalk is a relaxed and informal seminar series held in the Fremantle Hotel, corner of Cliff and High Streets, every Thursday night during university semesters. The intention is to bring the wider community and academic researchers in the humanities together in a trans-disciplinary and informal atmosphere. This year seminars will begin in the first week of March. In first semester we would like to extend a special invitation to postgraduate students from all WA universities to present their work. You are invited to relax, socialise, and seek friendly feedback about current projects and ideas. We welcome both individual and group presentations, and ask that papers be between 20 and 45 minutes in length. To offer a paper for presentation, please send a 100-200 word abstract to Felicity Newman or Ingrid Richardson.

First Semester

20 February

Lubica Ucnik

"Kant: Sensus Communis and the Public Use of Reason"

27 February

Liz Schwaiger

"Dancing against the tide: ageing and the dancer's body in Western theatrical dance"

6 March



13 March

Susan Ash, School of International, Cultural and Community Studies; Edith Cowan University

'Lies, Alibis and Refugee Policy in Australia'

20 March

Mick Broderick

Fallout 'On the Beach'

27 March

Richard Read (UWA)

'Representing Trauma: The Case for Troubling Images'

3 April

Dr Trevor Cullen, School of Communication and MultiMedia; ECU

'Press Coverage of HIV/AIDS'

10 April

Mark Gibson (MCC, Murdoch University)

'Desert Wanderings - the Search for Hope in post-Tampa Australia'

17 April

Reg Bolton (Murdoch University)

Quality Bullshit, And Why We Keep Buying It

24 April

David Holloway (Commerce, Murdoch University)

"The Rise (and Fall??) of Managerialism in Universities"

1 May

non-teaching week

no paper

8 May



15 May

Grant Stone (Murdoch University)

Barbie ‘comes the raw prawn’

22 May

Phil Sparrow, Murdoch University

Afghan refugees post detention. 'From under the leaky roof and into the rain'

29 May

Joseph Naimo, HRA, Philosophy, Murdoch University Western Australia

'A Metaphysical Model of the Universe According to Speculation'

Second Semester

24 July

31 July

7 August

14 August

21 August

28 August

4 September

11 September

18 September

25 September

2 October

Debbie Rodan & Christine Toye, ECU

'Constituting the Identity of Older People in Retirement Village Advertising'

9 October

16 October

23 October

30 October

6 November

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