Centre for Research in Culture and Communication
Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
Volume 1 Number 1 May 1983 Contents
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Robert Hodge & Gunther Kress, Functional semiotics: key concepts for the analysis of media, culture and society: 1

Theo van Leeuwin, Roland Barthes's Systeme de la Mode: 18

John Frow, Foucault at Forest Lodge: a review of Theoretical Strategies: 36

Noel King, Changing the curriculum: the place of film in a department of English: 47

Noel Sanders, Crimes of passion: TV, popular literature and the Graeme Thorne kidnapping, 1960: 56

Stephen Muecke, Discourse, history, fiction: language and Aboriginal history: 71

Eddy Withnell, Doing time: the temporal reality of the criminal's existential world: 80

Bill Bonney, Naming and marketing the new banks: 92

Graeme Turner, Video clips and popular music: 107

Delys Bird, Australian woman: a national joke?: 111

Paul Wilson, Review of Generations of Resistance: 115

Graeme Turner, Review of Inventing Australia: 118

Stuart Cunningham, Australian film history and historiography: 122

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