Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 1 Number 2 December 1983



Tony Bennett: Marxist Cultural Politics: In Search of "The Popular" ... 2

Jacques Durand: Rhetoric and the Advertising Image, Translated by Theo Van Leeuwen ... 29

John Hartley: Encouraging Signs: Television and the Power of Dirt, Speech, and Scandalous Categories ... 62

The Dismissal in Circulation: A Trilogy

Philip Bell: Drugs as News: Defining the Social ... 101

John Fiske: Surfalism and Sandiotics: The Beach in Oz Culture ... 120

Brian Copping and Graeme Turner: The Australian View of Art ... 150

Peter Gerdes: Media Institutions and Communication Problems in Southern Africa ... 163


Marion Campbell: Three Ways of Deriding Difference ... 181

Michael O'Toole: Unmasking Devices ... 189


Philip Bell on: Bonney and Wilson: Australia's Commercial Media ... 195

Veronica Brady on: Vincent Buckley: Cutting Green Hay; Murray Walker: Making Do ... 205

Jane Kenway Jane Kenway on: Bob Connell et al.: Making the Difference ... 213

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