Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 2 Number 1 May 1984



John Frow: Film, Commodity Production and the Law: Brecht's "Sociological Experiment" 3

Virginia Nightingale: Media Audiences—Media Products? 23

Catriona Moore and Stephen Muecke: Racism and the Representation of Aborigines in Film 36

Noel Sanders: Reflected Glory: Pollies on Parky 54

Jennifer Craik: Fashion, Clothes, Sexuality 67

Theo van Leeuwen: Impartial Speech: Observations on the Intonation of Radio Newsreaders 84

Hugh Webb: Conning Popular Music: Up Against The Wall 99


John Fiske: Videoclippings 110

Robert Hodge: Videoclips as a Revolutionary Form 115

Graeme Turner: The Musical Roots of Videoclips 122


Bill Bonney on: Reinecke and Schultz: The Phone Book 127

Julian Thomas on: Fewster's Gallipoli Correspondent 130

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