Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 2 Number 2 November 1984



Wlad Godzich: The Semiotics of Semiotics 3

Sam Rohdie: Language, Discourse, Society 23

Steve Fore: The Perils of Patriolism: the combat war film as genre and Southern Comfort as generic self-immolation 40

Eddie Withnell: 'Stone Walls ...': the spatial determinations of the criminal's existential world 61

Dianne Johnson: From Fairy to Witch: imagery and myth in the Azaria case


Alan Bergala: The photo and its discourse 108

Stuart Cunningham: The insistence of the latter: referentiality in contemporary cultural theory 114

Bob Hodge: Historical semantics and the meaning of 'discourse' 124

Don Grant: Another look at the beach 131

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