Australian Journal of Cultural Studies

Volume 3 Number 1 May 1985



Ian Hunter: On Reflection Theory: Including Remarks on John Docker's In a Critical Condition

Mikhail Bakhtin: Rabelais and Gogol: Verbal Art and Popular Humor

Brian Doyle and Derek Longhurst: The Cultural Production of Shakespeare

Graeme Turner: Nostalgia for the Primitive: Wildlife Documentaries on TV

Tom O'Regan: Ocker and the Tariff Board: The Politics of Import Culture

John Fiske and Jon Watts: Video Games: Inverted Pleasures


Mick Carter: The Look of Love

Rod Giblett: Watching TV, Watching Yourself: The Viewer and the Gaze


William Routt: Keith Windschuttle's Media

Brian Stoddart: Richard Cashman's Cricket

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